Singing to the Sky


Poems without words, Words without meaning.

Singing to the sky (Patterns) is inspired by Raoul Hausmann's 1946 sound poem recording bbb+fmsbw . It focuses on the phonetic aspect of voice and speech through recognizing three universal vowels (ee, oh, aa) in the human voice. The piece invites the audience to construct their own sound poems and phonetic experiences by howling, speaking,crying,hemming, singing, reading, roaring, screaming three vowels. Those sound bites create a string of three vowels projected in Chinese characters through a variety of patterns.
Research Assistant: Sak Lee

Singing to the Sky

Mac mini(os 10.8 up / Processing 2.5)
Two-channels mixer
One omni microphone
One mic stand
Matrox tripleHead2 Go Digital
Three indentical Video Projectors (1080i & lumens spec)