Because the Sky is Blue


Because the Sky is Blue (2020 - ) 今日距離 Muybridge 拍攝奔跑的賽馬已經有一百四十年有余,活動影像在數字時代彷彿又回到超短視頻的原點。這部作品是文華假想Muybridge 在今天會如何使用微視頻,所有素材來自眾多朋友手機拍攝的微視頻,經過打印和藍靛照片洗印術後完成。

Muybridge captured the galloping horse one hundred forty years ago in a brief 12 frames. The duration of today's social media video clips is similar to Muybridge's brevity. Wenhua tries to reimagine what subject Muybridge would capture today. All source footage is from Wenhua's social media feed. He used the cyanotype method to reprint the individual frames to create the final short videos.